Special Attributes and Investment Polisies

Special Attributes and Investment Polisies

Special Features of Unearth International

Unearth International is an independent investment company in Japan which does not belong to any specific financial or consulting group and comprises of members who are professionals operating in Japan.
We calculate the theoretical intrinsic corporate value of investee companies by carrying out a thorough assessment of the competitive advantage and potential of the businesses in which they operate and the assets they hold.
We regard any significant difference between the theoretical value and the current corporate value to be a "Market Divergence" and we bring about an increase in the corporate value of a company by eliminating this divergence and bringing the corporate value closer to the company’s theoretical intrinsic value through exercising our shareholder rights in the company.  
We also aim to promote the importance and the actual implementation of corporate governance in companies as well as contribute to all the stakeholders starting with our shareholders and to the overall expansion of the market by increasing corporate value.

Medium to Long Term Investments

We will continue to carry out extensive research on individual stocks to build up a portfolio focused primarily on stocks which are determined to be undervalued.
We do not set any benchmark for our operational results. We aim to make medium to long term investments rather than unreasonable investments geared towards achieving short term improvements in our company performance.

Strategic Involvement in Investment Companies

We secure revenue by strategically involving ourselves in the operations of Japanese companies whose corporate value has fallen with the aim of improving their management’s financial environment and increasing their share value primarily by restructuring the balance sheet.

Actively Exercising Voting Rights

We actively exercise our voting rights based on our dialogues with investee companies in order to achieve better corporate governance and ensure that profits are distributed to shareholders appropriately thereby maximizing shareholder value in those companies.