Company Profile

Company Profile

We will make an impact on the global economy by making bold and decisive investments.

Origin of Company Name

The origin of our company name is just as the name says, "unearth". This means that we as a fairly recently established investment company, not only unearth new investment opportunities, we also take chances to try our hand at various new businesses. It seems as though many of the companies we invest in continue to follow conventional methods and have forgotten how to take chances on trying out new business possibilities. If we can breathe new life into these companies, we have the potential to grow together. We can also create an environment in which staff can connect and work with each other wherever they are in the world to expand across the whole world to fit the now global society.

Corporate Philosophy

We strongly feel that the importance of the Corporate Governance Code enacted in 2015 needs to be acknowledged and that the implementation of the code needs to get underway and that companies and shareholders need to come together to reform the market. What goals should companies pursue as they expand? What responsibility do the shareholders who provide capital have to the market and the company through their investment? The current competitiveness of the global capitalist market is increasingly intensifying as time goes on and as the environment continues to become more aggressive, companies and shareholders alike need to ask themselves what their roles are. It is exactly because the environment is becoming ever more challenging and is changing so dramatically that we want to carry out investment activities aimed at the development and liberation of Japanese firms and the Japanese market through implementing the Corporate Governance Code and the Stewardship Code.

Company Overview

Company Name
Unearth International Limited
F20,1st Floor,Eden Plaza,Eden Island,Seychelles
Managing Director
Masahiro Naito
Content of business activities
1. Brokerage, mediation and advisory services for M&As
2. Management consultancy
3. Holding, management and investment of securities
4. All businesses incidental to any one of the businesses mentioned above